ISSN: ‎2008-4226, Abbreviation: Anal. Bioanal. Electrochem.
1. In Situ Voltammetric Determination of Promethazine on Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Nano-sized Molecularly Imprinted Polymer

Maedeh Akhoundian; Taher Alizadeh

Volume 12, Issue 7 , July 2020, , Pages 1014-1024

  A precise and simple in-situ voltammetric measurement of promethazine, based on the nano sized molecularly imprinted polymer (nano-MIP) was introduced. The nano-MIP was synthesized utilizing vinyl benzene and Divinylbenzene as the functional monomer and cross-linker respectively, and via the micro-emulsion ...  Read More

2. A New Electrochemical Sensor for Determination of Zolpidem by Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with SnS@SnO2NP

Ebrahim Naghian; esmail sohouli

Volume 12, Issue 4 , April 2020, , Pages 458-467

  Zolpidem is a drug that is easily attached to the GABA receptors in the brain. This property makes it very effective for tranquilizing as well as hypnagogia. According to the advantages of electrochemical analysis like high selectivity, high sensitivity, low concentration of analyte, cost-effective, ...  Read More

3. New Two-fold Amplified Electroanalytical Sensor for Determination of Xanthine in the Presences of Caffeine in Food Samples

Niloofar Dehdashtian; Seyed-Ahmad Shahidi; Majedeh Bijad

Volume 12, Issue 3 , March 2020, , Pages 289-300

  Fast and sensitive response electrochemical sensor based on CoFe2O4 nanoparticle and 1-buthyl-3-methyl imidazolium bromide room temperature ionic liquids carbon paste electrode (CoFe2O4/NP/ILs/CPE) is fabricated for the determination of Xanthine (Xt) in the presences of Caffeine in fish and fruit samples. ...  Read More

4. Determination of Nicotinic Acid by Square Wave Voltammetry on a Carbon Paste Electrode: the Crucial Effect of Electrode Composition and Analytical Conditions

Taher Alizadeh; Somayeh Amjadi

Volume 12, Issue 2 , February 2020, , Pages 250-262

  The foregone studies have shown that nicotinic acid cannot produce noticeable reductive signal at carbon-based electrodes without appropriate modification of the electrode. This is an obvious reason that mercury is known as the main electrode material for electro-reduction of nicotinic acid. In this ...  Read More

5. Development of Single Walled Carbon Nanotube-Molybdenum Disulfide Nanocomposite/poly-ethylene Glycol Modified Carbon Paste Electrode as an Electrochemical Sensor for the Investigation of Sulfadiazine in Biological Samples

Matad Mallikarjunaiah Vinay; Kempugonapla Virupakshappa Basavarajappa; Puttaiah Manjunatha; Hanumasagara Thimmappa Purushothama; Rangapura Onkarappa Yathisha; Yanjerappa Arthoba Nayaka

Volume 12, Issue 2 , February 2020, , Pages 155-167

  A rapid electrochemical analysis of sulfadiazine (SFZ) has been carried out by cyclic voltammetry (CV) and differential pulse voltammetry (DPV) methods by employing a sensitive single walled carbon nanotube-molybdenum disulfide nanocomposite/poly ethylene glycol modified carbon paste electrode (SWCNT-MoS2/PEG/CPE). ...  Read More