Aims and Scope

The journal provides an advanced international forum for the scientist to present their researches on the latest developments in analytical and bioanalytical electrochemistry.

The scope of the journal encompasses, but is not restricted to, the following areas:


• Electrochemical Sensors (nano-sensors, micro-sensors, potentiometric sensors, amperometric sensors,
conducting sensors, Conducting polymer sensors, carbon paste electrodes, ion selective electrodes,
ion selective field effective transistors)
• Biosensors
• Gas sensors
• Sensor applications for food industry, medicine, pharmacy, environmental monitoring, corrosion, etc.
• Analytical methods, modeling, readout and software
• Electrochemical methods (amperometry, voltammetry, impedance spectroscopy, conductometry)
• Corrosion Science
• Electrochemical Synthesis
• Analytical Electrochemical Aspects
• Electroanalysis
• Applied electrochemistry
• Electrochemical Aspects of Biology
• Biological Aspects of Electrochemistry
• Bioelectrochemistry
• Applications of electrochemistry in medicine and biotechnology
• Pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
• Application of Chemometrics Methods in Electrochemistry
• Theoretical and Computational Electrochemistry