Peer Review Process

After submission of a manuscript, it will be preliminary considered by editor-in-chief or editor to determine whether it fits the scope of the journal and has a scientific merit of publication. Then, technical editor checks the manuscript for properly preparing according to journal format and standards. Also in this step, similarity index of the manuscript will be checked by iThenticate similarity detection service. Result of iThenticate report and manuscript check will be sent to editor-in-chief or editor for more consideration.

Manuscript that are not prepared in accordance with author instruction will be returned to the authors for revision or resubmission.

All manuscripts that have passed the initial inspection will be assigned to independent reviewers to peer review. The reviewers suggested by authors can also be considered, but they should not have published with any of the authors last 10 years.

Editor-in-chief or editor can also give comments about the manuscripts. Based on the comments and referee’s reports will be make decision to accept, revise (minor and major revision) and reject. The revised papers will be considered by editor-in-chief or editor or if it is needed by reviewers again. Final decision about accepting or rejecting will be verified by editor-in chief.