Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1, August 2021, Pages 1-159 

Original Article

Liquid-phase extraction and electrophoretic determination of heterocyclic thioamides in human body fluid

Pages 1-11

Victoria Ivolgina; leonid popov; Margarita Chernov’yants

Experimental and Theoretical Approaches for Interfacial Adsorption of Novel Long Chain Benzimidazolium Derivatives for Mild Steel Protection in 1 M HCl Medium

Pages 12-32

L. El Ouasif; M. Laourayed; F. Benhiba; M. Boudalia; M. El Ghoul; R. Achour; A. Bellaouchou; A. Guenbour; I. Warad; Abdelkader M Zarrouk

Preparation of antimony oxide in different media and its effect on the pH measurement

Pages 127-138

Shova Neupane; Dinesh Mishra; Krishna Badan Nakarmi; Dipak Kumar Gupta; Ram Jeewan Yadav; Amar Prasad Yadav