Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 3, December 2021, Pages 305-456 


Chemically Modified Carbon-based Electrodes for the Detection of Paracetamol: a Short Review

Pages 305-318

Abdelaziz Ait sidi mou; Mohammed Daoudi; Mohammed El Amine Ghanjaoui; Bouchaib El Gamany; Abdellah Elmchaouri

Gravimetric, Electrochemical, and Surface Morphological Studies of Ammodaucus Lecotrichus Essential Oil as Corrosion Inhibitor for Copper Surface in Hydrochloric Acid Medium

Pages 340-357

Belarbi Nadia; Dergal Fayçal; El Haci Imad; Attar Tarik; Lerari Djahida; Dahmani Benamar; Ait Ramdane Chafia; Bachari Khaldoun

Analytical Determination of Paracetamol in Human Blood by Improving the Catalytic Effect of a Clay-Based Electrode

Pages 371-382

EL Ouafy Hayat; EL Ouafy Tarik; Oubenali Mustapha; Mbarki Mohamed; Echajia Malika